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Welcome to Great Plaid Shirts and other FUN stuff!

A bit of a back story.

Both my wife Kristie and I started our careers in retail management. She managed a department at a large well-known mall anchor store. I managed a men’s clothing store at the same mall. Both stores were in and around the Boulder, Colorado area. My men’s clothing store always had plaid clothing and accessories, each and every season.

Somewhat to my surprise however, was the fact that BOTH men and women bought these items from my store, every year; and so did I. That’s because plaid is, and always has been in fashion – for hundreds of years. In fact, I have gravitated toward Window Pane Check and Glen Plaid suits and both long and short sleeve shirts throughput the years. My wife loves and stays casually comfortable in her plaid pajamas.

This unique pattern can be found in various fabrics and differing pattern dimensions. It makes a statement about the person who is wearing it. Your choice may say you are fun and outgoing, or approachable and relaxed for example. You may exemplify a traditional, minimalist, hipster, business or recreational demeanor by the choice of your garment or accessory. Plaid is FUN!

No lack of variety in these patterns.

Traditionally originating in Scotland, the pattern of plaid has evolved tremendously. Some favorite variations are Tartan, Tattersall, Madras, Gingham, Checkered, Houndstooth, and Glen Plaid or Window Pane as mentioned above.

Somebody once said “I would wear plaid every day, but I fear I would be crossing a few lines”. (insert giggle here).

Plaid is however, colorful, fun, comfortable, fashionable, and timelessly trendy. From elbow patches to dress pants, to a variety of apparel and accessories, plaid is dashing and tasteful. It is present in shirts, pants, socks and canvas shoes. Plaid is used in dresses, blouses, coats, and jackets. It is found adorning ties, suits and dress pants, sweaters, robes, hats and caps. Consider vests, underwear, bathing suits, and shorts. We even have a 40+ year old Scottish Tartan blanket.

A simple mission.

Great Plaid Shirts provides a variety of fun and exciting apparel – not just shirts. We seek to provide Colorful Clothing for the World. Stay around for a while and get comfortable and acquainted with all the options you have available for you, and your friends and family. And most of all . . . HAVE FUN!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Michael & Kristie



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