Men’s Plaid Shirts – popular as ever.

This shirt has a Rough & Rugged history

We’ll use the common vernacular that the buying public uses to describe this garment name -Tartan wool- of Scottish Gaelic origin. That is PLAID. It’s called plaid in the UK also so somewhere in time it jumped across the pond to take its place in North American language.

Looking back in time at this uniquely crisscrossed patterned shirt, its television presence has no doubt influenced its popularity. Men’s plaid shirts have been worn by broad-shouldered movie stars and other influential men in product advertising commercials for quite some time. They have all added to the rough and rugged mystique of this shirt. Of course, our PC’s, laptops, and other mobile devices have often substituted for much of that sedentary entertainment and advertising lifestyle. However, the effect is the same though: we like what we see; we buy what we see; we wear what we see. Pretty good strategy I’d say!

Commercials bode well to enhance the appeal of plaid shirts. If you remember the BRAWNY paper towel and OLD SPICE aftershave commercials you know the swagger I’m speaking of when it comes to the plaid-shirt-wearing man. These commercials portrayed rough and tough men showcasing these products. They smiled convincingly along with a handsome, clean, likable, strong demeanor.

Movie stars like Rock Hudson, Paul Newman and James Dean also contributed to the rough and tough bad boy image with the use of their stylish plaid wearing attire. The fascinating images of mystery and admiration of these men in movies and commercials, is undeniable. This is one of the reasons men’s plaid shirts are popular as ever RIGHT NOW.


Plaid is a timeless fashion

Although men wear this pattern well, I would like to point out the plaid couture and individuality that women bring to the fashion table. The female mind has an abundance of uniqueness and common fashion sense for themselves, their children, and the guys in their circle of influence. I know this, my wife knows this, so I acknowledge she can assemble my plaid shirts, ties, jackets and the like, with a twist that brings a certain flair to our life style.

Men’s plaid shirts and other plaid clothing is not just a masculine timeless trend. Look around the entertainment industry and others in the public limelight and we can see women wearing plaid and demonstrating the fact that it goes anywhere and looks great when it gets there. This is true of the past and the present.

Queen Elizabeth, Megan Markle, Rita Hayworth, Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Gwen Stefani and the list goes on and on. Bow ties, dresses, jackets, blazers, skirts, vests, scarves and sweatshirts are a few of the clothing items that are worn well by women. Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and Elle magazines affirm this fact. Take a walk down Hollywood Boulevard; peruse any popular magazine; check out the country and western scene; talk to the Hipster subculture; of check out The Voice, THE PLAID PATTERN IS TIMELESS AND POPULAR. Tartan plaid is over 3000 years old, so it is very easy for me to believe that women played some part in its creation, the interest in it, and its recent revival into our wardrobe closet. Plaid is timeless and therefore it is as popular as ever.


Easy to coordinate

Since we are talking about Men’s Plaid Shirts here, I have a question for you. Have you ever tried to coordinate a striped bow tie with a dress shirt? Those bow ties are available; they just don’t have the zip of a plaid pattern. Try a plaid bow tie and you prove a style and message that makes fashion sense, looks great, and projects an image of confidence and mastery.

Similarly, intermingling dots, circles, lines and other patterns takes a few fashion design degrees and is not usually found in the close of the everyday working man. Contrarily, large checks with smaller checks can easily be coordinated. Checks with different color arrangements are also easier to wear. Brown on blue, red on black, black on gray, gray on green, and black on brown all work well together. GQ and Esquire have had tremendous outlays of popular plaid clothing designs which show just how easy a coordinating fabric plaid is.

Bespoke men’s plaid shirts and other men’s attire may not be practical in all circles so go-to clothing items can easily be found. Just about any clothing arrangement can work with the pattern plaid. A colorful Tartan, Gingham, or Checkered shirt looks great under a Chesterfield. A pair of chinos with a short sleeve  plaid shirt works well. Try layering a tight- or loose-fitting Tee-shirt under a long-sleeved plaid flannel. Men’s plaid shirts are easy to coordinate and popular as ever.


Plaid shirts show a man’s individuality

There is no great collective secret as to what makes a man’s clothing individuality stand out from the next persons. It’s HIS secret. It’s the style and pattern(s) he chooses to wear, along with the way he reveals his character. Although men’s plaid shirts have been around for a long time, they don’t necessarily look great on everyone. However, a dapper dude can demonstrate his plaid fashion swank with a great haircut and a well-put-together clothing ensemble.

In addition, just like plaid is as popular as ever, so is a man’s individuality. He can draw people TO HIM or repel people FROM HIM, depending on the clothing he wears. A black and yellow plaid shirt for instance, shows intellect, happiness, and power. A dark brown and beige men’s plaid shirt reveals dependability, warmth, and calmness about him. He is perceived as easy to talk to, approachable, friendly and in control with both arrangements. It’s hard to dress up a plain shirt and gray blazer which unconsciously speaks dull and depressive no matter what other positive fashion connotations are associated with them.

Colorful and creative plaid clothing arrangements not only show a man’s esteem of character and uniqueness of his personality, this disposition draws others to him, enhances his aura, and qualifies his style.

Checks are popular

With no doubt whatsoever, plaid is popular and in demand. I’m surprised there are not a lot more men wearing plaid shirts. However, this sense of fashion and clothing technique is not for everyone. Those of us that choose to popularize its resurgence are bound and determined to pull it off well.

Past and present history and multiculturalism has brought us chess boards, floors, walls, artwork, glass high rises, store fronts, brick facades and other creative and beautiful opportunities to use checks in society. Let’s face it, plaid patterned clothing is as popular as ever, and had even stepped up its game quite a bit. It’s HOT right now!


Your options are endless

There are more style arrangements for men’s plaid shirts than any one website could ever catalog. Some “Plaid” popular options include:

Gingham – the typical bold black and white checkered cotton shirts represent this name well.

Tartan – wool cloth of Scottish Clan descent in various patterns and cloth item. We have a very old picnic blanket in this category.

Madras – a lighter weight warmer weather colorful cotton option.

HERE’S THE THING! You can literally seek, search and solicit all the information about plaid that you would like too. There will be content about origins of names, when they were first used, how and why they were used, and other historical, cultural, and societal considerations to ponder.

I stocked and sold my first men’s plaid shirts in 1983 and started adding the pattern plaid to my wardrobe at that time. Since then, I have learned there are endless options, colors, combinations, coordination’s, and styles to choose from.

And it’s still true . . . men’s plaid shirts are as popular as ever. So, why not own a few. Have fun!

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