The Best Plaid Shirts – How to Choose YOUR own Style.

Your Personality, Style and Fashion

Personality, Style and Fashion can often be linked to each other when we update or add to our wardrobes. In other words, our shopping habits can often be structured around our personal preferences based on our individual character, our tastes, and trends. It is an experience that is just as much FUN as it is entertaining and enjoyable.

In the following paragraphs we can decide how to go about finding The Best Plaid Shirts for our ourselves, our families, our friends and others. There is a method on How to Choose Your Own Style by following a few simple guidelines based upon what may seem obvious but sometimes overlooked considerations. Those considerations can be placed into the following four categories which are:

1. Traits of your personality.

Cool shades and plaid


2. Your comfort level in certain fabrics.

Kickin' back on plaid


3. Patterns that suit your taste.

the plaid barista


4. Colors that enhance your style.

cool cars and plaid



Let’s look at these factors which can help us in choosing plaid shirts that look and feel great.

“Traits” of your Personality

When, it comes to the word “trait” we’re not going to take an in- depth analysis of the “big five” that certain professionals use in understanding our personality. Neither am I going to offer here a Myer’s Briggs test to help us along. Rather, let’s take a more casual look at how our individual personalities, everyday lives and current clothing ensembles reflect who we are.

I’ll use me and my wife as examples to clarify this point. She is a down-to-earth, realistic, happy smiling woman who lives in the present moment, cares deeply about the world and the well-being of other people. Also, an extrovert who can and will get to know every single person in the room. She is responsible, dependable and tenacious. Her choices in the color, fabric, and style of her wardrobe reflects these personality traits.

I also have some in-common traits like she does. However, I am also more of a spontaneous, impulsive, spur-of-the-moment type of guy. I am more of an introvert at times but ready and eager to try new things and I am adventurous. My choices in fabrics, colors and styles also reflect my personality.

So, in more lighthearted way, simply ask yourself the following questions in order to help decide what styles of plaid shirts will work best.

  • Do I tend to be outgoing or am I more reserved?
  • Am I more of a curious person or more of a cautious person?
  • I am considered more organized than I am carefree?

OK, the hard part is done, and we’ll tie this back into choosing your colors.

Your Comfort level in certain fabrics

When I first became a fan of plaid clothing a few decades ago, I really liked a certain outer garment made by Pendleton. It was called a Tartan (Scottish origination commonly called PLAID in the US). However, it was made of WOOL and I could not wear these heavy outer shirts for very long because wool made me itch. That’s just me. I love my plaid wool socks, though. The Best Plaid Shirts can also easily be found in other fabrics and blends – including wool – which I enjoy wearing.

So, your comfort level in certain fabrics for your plaid shirts is easy to choose and straight forward. Just decide which fabrics like cotton, wool, synthetic, or a vegetable fiber, works best for you. Hemp is gaining in popularity. It has more wear longevity to it, it absorbs colors well, breathes well and as a natural fiber, is easier on the environment.

When it comes right down to it, I like to choose my plaid clothing based on 3 criteria. This is not the case for all my clothing. PLAID makes a STATEMENT, evokes EMOTION, and is very VERSATILE. As noted in our “About Us” section, there are a LOT of uses for PLAID patterns, fabrics and styles.

Patterns that suit your taste

ENDLESS OPTIONS – Now, if you were once like me in your perception of plaid, you might have envisioned that Plaid Shirts were predominantly those with a checked pattern. THOSE PLAID SHIRTS ARE VERY POPULAR, but there are seemingly endless examples of PLAID PATTERNS. It is realistic to believe you could have your very own individual plaid pattern that nobody else has, if you chose to do so.

ARE YOU SCOTTISH? –The Scottish Clans of old designed and created their very own plaid patterns to differentiate one clan from the other. If you are of Scottish heritage your family may have a Scottish Tartan of your very own which represent your family and their history. Now that’s PRETTY COOL.

MOST COMMON PLAIDS – So, there are innumerable types of TARTANS or PLAIDS. They can be found in all kinds of colors, widths and dimensions, fabrics, weights and family significance. Some are more recognizable than others. Although the word PLAID has become the all-encompassing descriptive for this pattern, you may have seen or know the most common ones like checkered Tartan (plaid), Houndstooth, Windowpane, Prince of Wales or Glen Check, Tattersall, Madras, or Gingham.

Colors that enhance your style

Have you ever watched a BLACK and WHITE movie on TV? Minus a good story line and great acting, BLACK and WHITE movies might be hard to keep an attentions span. COLOR HAS MEANING. Although BLACK and WHITE PLAID SHIRTS are distinctly cool looking, COLOR adds an endless combination of even cooler flavors to THE BEST PLAID SHIRTS that are available on the INTERNET. When you are considering How to Choose Your Own Style, color not only works well in combinations of plaid shirts; it can also be subtly, boldly or delicately reveal a bit about our personality.

Plaid clothing is mostly made of the eight main colors from which all other colors are derived. When we buy plaid pants, blankets, caps, dresses, pajamas, socks or plaid shirts – in this case, we are consciously or subconsciously Making a STATEMENT, evoking EMOTION, or demonstrating our VERSATILITY depending on the place and situation at hand. Consider these colors and their perceived meanings in relation to our personalities:

 RED – passionate, determined, bold, love, intensity

 WHITE – organized, logic driven, purity, positive, perfection

GREEN – harmony, energy, affection, safety, sincerity

 BLACK – mystery, power, artistry, elegance, authority

 BLUE – reliable, wisdom, sensitive, empathy, calm

 YELLOW – happiness, sharing, joy, intellect, learning

 BROWN – dependable, friendship, warmth, simplicity, dedication

 PURPLE – creativity, wealth, virtue, artistic, uniqueness

So, without a doubt, COLOR has meaning about who we are. The colors we wear and our creativity and activity in wearing them show our personality tendencies to interact in meaningful ways within the world we live.

Pick your Perfect Palette of Plaid

Well, now the real fun begins – choosing plaid shirts for you, a significant other, or maybe even the entire family. Plaid is always in style and more fun and fashionable than a plain shirt. Make a fashion statement, enhance a presentation, hit the town, or hike that trail. Plaid goes anywhere and gets along with anyone – just like a good friend.



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